Walking Festival of Sound

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Great fun recording some Newcastle/Gateshead quayside sounds with Usue Ruiz Arana tonight in preparation for the Walking Festival of Sound. Whilst on our adventure we stumbled across a film crew who were also making the most of the pleasant evening. Making field-recordings of boom operators did feel a little surreal! More info below:


Walking Festival of Sound is a trans-disciplinary event exploring the role of walking through and listening to our everyday surroundings. It combines a number of free and public events including walking performances and walking seminars which take place in diverse public spaces. Walking Festival of Sound facilitates a meeting point for an international network of practitioners and researchers interested in sound and walking. Through diverse events we explore how walking and listening practices can augment and challenge the way we perceive, navigate through, and care for our shared environments. In 2019 the festival takes place in two cities, Stockholm and Newcastle