“Wake Up!” – Climate Change (International Sound Art Memorial)

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“Silurian – Work In Progress” has been accepted to an international art call. It can be heard online at: http://wake-up.engad.org/wake-up-climate-change/

The piece was originally presented as a 4-channel work in the King’s Hall at Newcastle University in Oct 2019 as part of a creative showcase by ICMuS staff (including Technicians such as myself!). The concepts encountered whilst creating this piece will be developed further using funds from the Pioneer Award (see earlier post here)

Here’s an excerpt from the website:

This unique audio-visual collection (soundart & videoart) is encompassing about 80 works as a basis for commemorating – the future. By facing the Whole, it is the curatorial concept to create the unity of an image through the diversity of artistic concepts, symbolizing the natural diversity, as well as the diversity of aspects forming finally the fundament of what is called “the climate”. But artists are neither scientists or politicians, therefore they do not offer solutions for a complex matter, which only slowly is recognized as such by the majority of people. What artists can do is reflecting, and by stimulating & encouraging, changing, in the best case, awareness by sensitizing the viewer or listener through the art work. Based on such an awareness itself, additionally each artistic contribution is representing a piece of solidarity to those who suffer from climate change.


Wake Up! – Climate Change!