Tracks, Traces and Trails Commission

It’s with great excitement that I can announce I’ve been selected to produce a work for ‘Land Lines: Tracks, Traces and Trails’ a project supported by Leeds University and Natural England and funded by AHRC.

I will create a short piece of environmental sound art using underwater marine sounds from the North East of England as a way of exploring and revitalised the narrative of coastal communities. The project will be co-produced with songwriter Jez Lowe who I selected for his deep connection to the region, both historically and lyrically. The idea was to attempt to find a path into the abstract sonic landscapes captured by hydrophones by creating a strong connection through tightly interwoven lyrics and catchy melodic patterns from the Folk idiom that might become absorbed into local stories and experiences in a fashion not dissimilar to the story-telling tradition embodied by Folk music.

It’s a short deadline, so let’s see how we do!