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Resonance FM Extra – Flux

It was a pleasure to contribute some of the field recordings from Newcastle’s iconic bridges to Resonance Extra’s show ‘Flux’ curated by James Davoll. You can hear the show by following this link but here’s a brief description to whet your appetite:


Fluid takes shape in two sections. One a recorded improvisation by the duo of John Bowers and Tim Shaw and the other a exploration of the bridges of Newcastle upon Tyne edited by my good friend David de la Haye.

In Music for Trace Hall, Bowers and Shaws contribution to a collaboration with the Experimental Architecture Group of Newcastle University and the Bristol Bio Energy Centre, Trace Hall, an installation in the Matadero Centre in Madrid which opens in June this year. In Music for Trace Hall, they imagine liquid soundscapes which combine natural and artificial flows, water and synthesised energies, recorded resonances and computational models of fluids, scanned and sonified. Music for Trace Hall was recorded as a live improvisation.

The second section of this episode of Flux, Bridges explores the spans of the river Tyne through alternative and traditional field recording techniques. This area boasts one of the most densely populated areas of bridges boasting 7 spans within a mile of each other . These spans include the iconic Tyne bridge designed by famous Mott, Hay and Anderson sharing it’s lineage with the Sydney Harbour bridge and the millennium bridge a tilt bridge locally referred to as the blinking eye. You will hear a bizarre pan within the recordings. The left the reverberation and resonance within the bridges the right the ambient sounds present.

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