Museums For Climate Action : COP26

Museums For Climate Action : COP26

How can museums evolve to address the challenges of a warming world? In the lead-up to COP26, Museums For Climate Action launched an international design and ideas competition to reimagine museums as a radical form of climate action. The competition aimed to explore how rethinking the design, purpose and experience of museums can help society make the deep, transformative changes needed to achieve a net-zero or zero-carbon world.

The competition attracted 264 entries from 48 countries around the world. Eight competition winners are now developing their ideas for an exhibition to be hosted at Glasgow Science Centre ahead of and during the UN Climate Change Conference.

I am delighted to be a part of the design team for STORY:WEB, a project that mobilises existing museum collections to empower people to curate their own climate stories, experiences and networks on a global scale and we will contribute to an exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre in 2021 as part of #COP26

The collaboration involves Great North Museum:Hancock, Simon Bowen (Open Lab), Sarah Mander and myself.