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BALTIC Installation

The work created for World Ocean’s Day 2020, as part of my Pioneer Award funding, has been selected to be installed as part of the BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Arts’s ‘Open Submission 2020’.

As far as I’m aware, this piece is one of the few Sound Art works and presented some interesting challenges. My original suggestion was to install the sonic geodesic dome (as can be seen in the promo blurb below) but restrictions made this impossible. The second issue was that there could only be one sound source in the gallery, and that was reserved for the projector/film installations. And to top it off, headphones weren’t allowed either (for Covid safety).

Not to be defeated, I embarked on creating a basic visual representation to display on the projector showreel. This was later augmented by Euan from The Objectiv TV  and i’m really proud of what we achieved in such a short time. I hope that you’ll get to enjoy it too.

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