Ambient Isolation

Ambient Isolation

Since the globe went into lockdown a few weeks ago, many of us have noticed the significant shift in our sonic landscape. Most apparent in urban spaces, the restrictions on our daily lives have emptied the streets and stopped the constant noise pollution from air and road traffic. Suddenly there is more sonic bandwidth and clarity. Much subtler and quieter sounds are revealed. The soundscape seems much calmer and more defined. Birds, it seems, are more vocal than ever.

The Ambient Isolation project was started to bring together an ever-growing number of experienced field recordists from all over the world, who are capturing and documenting these sonic changes and sharing the results.

Dawn is a soundscape composition created from 67 field recordings made in various time zones in the early hours of April 25th, 2020. Each contributor was invited to submit a one-minute recording from their lockdown location. Following the sun rising over the International Date Line, the recordings are presented chronologically and geographically from east to west.  Starting in Wellington, New Zealand and finishing in Vancouver on the Pacific coast of Canada.

The listener is invited to observe the small, and under normal circumstances drowned out, sounds at daybreak from five continents from the same moment in time.

A fantastic project led by Al Sirkett and Raoul Brand, “Dawn” takes one minute of dawn chorus recorded at locations around the globe during the COVID-19 lockdown period and splices them into this 30 minute sound documentary:

I also contributed numeous sound recoridngs to their Ambient Isolation sound library for artists and producers to browse and use for future sound design work. An example can be heard here:

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