30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild

The month of June was dedicated to the Wildlife Trust’s #30DaysWild. I produced a series of audio miniatures, slices of time that document the month. It was an excuse to catch my breath and listen.

Venturing out each day, usually with my son but sometimes cycling, I recorded a one-minute field recording of something that captured my focus; each recording accompanied by a photograph.

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These recordings were often spur-of-the-moment so having a field recorder to hand was essential. I opted for this simple rig:

  • Sony PCM-M10 recorder
  • Primo Clippy EM264 mics in ORTF configuration (see no-expense spared mount below…)
  • Aquarian Audio H2a hydrophone (3.5mm, PiP)
  • Bubblebee Industries Windbubbles (with occasional extra protection from Rycote deadcat – you know what those cardioids are like!)
The aforementioned “no-expense spared” ORTF mount…


The entire set of miniatures can be listened to below, for free.

(Although if you are welcome to donate a little if you like this sort of thing – kudos to you!)

The coordinates for each recording can be seen on the track info on Bandcamp. I am looking forward to developing a creative piece out of these short segments. More to come…


This gallery shows some extra pictures of my adventures.