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Band projects below

Monster Ceilidh Band

(Drum ‘n’ Bass Ceilidh)




Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies

(North East Singer Songwriter)





Shona Mooney Band / Shona Mooney and the Mosse Troopers




Mastering / Recording Credits

List being updated soon – lots to add! [Dec 2019]




(Glitch / Ambient)



Paolo Angeli

(Sardinian Prepared Guitar)



Past Projects

Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle


Megamos Transponder

  • Haberdashery Sesh
  • Drew’s Birthday
  • Cloud 60
  • Oh, Seven Began
  • Paschendale
  • Te Rolling Stone Gathers No ‘Mos
  • Unkown of Sidney Origin
  • The Burning of ’86
  • Volume 5
  • In Memory Of…
  • Volume 1
  • Hadoken
  • The New Mega
  • Possible Cottage




–       Self Titled debut (2007)


Futuristic Plastic Surgery Disaster

–       Self titled EP (2003)



Soundtrack Credits

–       ‘Gypsy Fair’ – Community Channel/Noise Festival

–       Josef Feltus’ ‘Solo Duets’ and ‘Haphazard Symphony’ (winner of Best Scottish Short Film [2006], Best Animated Film [Krakow Film Festival] and 1st prize in Milan for Traditional Animated Short Film [2010])


Music Videos

Wildlife Producer



Starbucks Short 1 from Wildlife Producer