Artist Residency

I’m very excited to be able to say that I’ve been selected to participate in Jersey Arts Trust‘s ‘Artist Lock-In 2017’! For 10 days, 12 international artists will be literally locked-in at Elizabeth Castle, a 16th Century castle that sits […]

The Mile Roses – CD Mastering

I recently finished the CD master for The Mile Roses latest album, featuring Kate Bramley, Edwina Hayes and Simon Haworth. You can read all about it here…

Cheeseburn – ‘Lost Voices’

LOST VOICES A SOUND INSTALLATION BY BENNETT HOGG AND MAGNUS WILLIAMSON, OF MISSING VOICE PARTS FROM SIXTEENTH CENTURY CHURCH MUSIC. Credit as Recording Engineer. A fantastic installation. Go and see it whilst you can! Bennett Hogg and Magnus Williamson ‘Lost […]

Installation: Bridges_____

Here’s a short video documenting the opening night of the ‘Bridges___’ interactive sound installation inside the North Tower of the Tyne Bridge itself. To read more about the ‘Bridges____’ project, which explores the internal resonances of the 7 bridges spanning […]

Field Recording

To document the new field-recording work i’m researching, I’ve set up a ‘sister’ site. You can find it here: It is fairly new, but i hope to populate it with ambisonic, 360 degree audio experiments, VR systems and general […]

Shona Mooney and the Mosse Troopers

All set to start recording Shona Mooney’s Northumbrian Exchanges project “Sensing The Park” in January 2015. After a successful rural tour the specially commissioned piece will now be recorded with the full Mosse Trooper line-up, which is : Shona Mooney […]